In fact the products of Waypharm are the same services of Waypharm in sorted packages that are provided to the pharmaceutical companies and pharma industries. Based on requirements of the relevant companies, these packages are sorted in the form of DAC100 package, DAC110 package DAC111 package and DMF package. DAC is abbreviation of D: Dossier, A: API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and C: Contract Manufacturer. 1 means that the service is included and 0 means the service is not included. DAC100 means Dossier service is included and the other two services are excluded for two zeros after 1.

Servicepack DAC100

DAC100 Package:

This package includes pharmaceutical dossier in CTD and eCTD format . CTD dossier contains five modules (M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5). The most important and also most practical module is the module 3 which includes specifications for the production and control of pharmacological products.

Advantages of the DAC100 Package:
a) Saving of R & D costs for studying on pre-formulation, formulation , quality control and stability.
b ) Saving of time : On average, preparation and compilation of each pharmaceutical dossier takes about 30 months.

Servicepack DAC110

DAC110 Package:

This package includes pharmaceutical dossier in CTD and eCTD format along with supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Advantages of DAC110 Package :
This package has not only the advantages of the DAC100 package, but also it leads to purchase API from approves sources. Therefore, the customers are helped to enter implementation phase faster and Profitability of investment becomes closer.

Servicepack DAC111

DAC111 Package:

This package includes services of DAC100 and DAC110 packages. In addition to these two services, we present a unique service in this package and it is contract manufacturing of the product by approved contract manufacturers in The five continents of the world.

Advantages of DAC111 Package :
This package has been specially designed for companies that do not have needed manufacturing facilities. In fact the DAC111 package provides all necessary requirements for the production of pharmaceutical products.