• 4 Who we are

    The Waypharm supporting team is a group of specialists from various fields of pharmaceutics and its related sciences. Despite of their different nationalities and Living in different
  • 2 What we do

    In fact Waypharm is the link among the three objects: the pharma industries, research institutes and academic centers. The output of this teamwork is the know-how of
  • What we offer

    Dossiers of pharmaceutical dosage forms in CTD and eCTD format as well as preparation of technical packages of manufacturing and quality control of Biologic, Biotech and pharmaceutical
  • 3 How we do

    Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies and Organizations (CMC and CMO), many pharmaceutical CROs from US and EU countries and also numerous academic institutes form up our partners and


Pharmaceutical Products

According to market analysis reports of both local and international sales of pharmaceutical products, we select our candidate products and put them in the compilation process of CTD or eCTD dossiers. The ranking of best selling pharmaceutical products in the international market has been considered as the main criteria for selecting our candidate products for the dossiers to be compiled.


High-Tech & Biotech Products

As new generation of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical formulations, we have focused on New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) and biotechnology products. Our NDDS projects contain Targeted Drug Delivery Systems (TDDS), PLGA and PLA microspheres, Liposomes, Nanoparticles and Protein bound formulations.


Natural Products

A natural product is a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism that is found in nature. Based on this definition, we can consider many of nutraceutical ingredients as well as herbal and botanical products as natural products. Nowadays, some of natural products have being sold as well as top ranking pharmaceutical products.