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Dossiers Pharmaceutical products

According to market analysis reports of both local and international sales of pharmaceutical products, we select our candidate products and put them in the compilation process of CTD or eCTD dossiers. The ranking of best selling pharmaceutical products in the international market has been considered as the main criteria for selecting our candidate products for the dossiers to be compiled. Recently we have started provision of CTD and eCTD dossiers of products under a certain therapeutic category. For example, the package of oral treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and Psoriasis containing eCTD dossiers of Fingolimod 20mg Capsules, Fampridine 10mg Extended Release Tablets and Dimethyl Fumarate 240mg Capsules. The updated list of finished dossiers of pharmaceutical products will be supplied to all customers after filling out the simple and short questionnaire and email it to info[at] . If you would like to check samples of our hot dossiers of pharmaceutical dosage forms, please click here. You can also order list of the products that you looking for the respected dossiers by sending the generic name, strength and type of dosage form to info[at] .

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